Sunday, March 04, 2007

So THIS is sex education

I was on the train on Saturday and I glanced across at a lady reading the Daily Mail. I caught only part of the title of the article. What I read was So THIS is sex. Thoughts of John Lennon's Christmas song with the words SO this is Christmas are brought to mind.

The lady eventually moved her paper enough for me to read the full title: So THIS is sex education.

Now many of us have known just how dodgy sex ed has been for a number of years. But reading an article on Father Tim Finigan's blog, I was provided with the full HORROR at the depths of depravity it has sunk to. I personally did not read the Daily Mail's shocking report on the state of current sex ed. I'd like to direct you to Father Tim's blog to read about it so you may be made more aware.

But personally speaking I have encountered how poor and immoral sex ed has become. When I was at School we were given too many titillating details and intructed in how to put a condom on.
My younger sister was asked to do the same. She FLATLY REFUSED. When I asked her why she refused she said: It's sinful!

As you can imagine I was absolutely delighted with her answer.

Children have to be allowed to be children. They are sexualised far too early and in that they lose their innocence.

I just pray that someone in a position of influence and power will see sense and logic: If you don't have sex there won't be a pregnancy or an STD. Simple isn't it?

Our children need the beauty of a REAL childhood. They need to be taught the beauty of a pure life. YES they need to be taught about sex, but in the context of family and love, just as God intended.

Friends, we are in the midst of a real battle. Let's not tire of proclaiming such a wonderful message which is the one Christ entrusted to us: TRUE GOOD NEWS!

God bless


Anonymous said...

The public school (In the U.S.) my daughter attends teaches abstinence. Thank God. We live in a little town and everyone seems to know everyone else. I think that helps.

They also tell kids where to go for further information if they -- or someone else needs it.

I think sex education should be taught hand in hand with information on drinking, date rape, etc. Parents have to start talking to their kids about these these early in life -- but the information needs to be appropriate for the age. Parents also need to tell their children that they have to make decisions about these things ahead of time -- so that in a difficult moment they do the right thing.

bernadette said...

Yes, you are right. we have the Good News and we must proclaim it.. but I think the temperature check on most committed Catholic families with regard to sex ed today is that we have all but given up now. What most of us do is simply find out which day the school nurse will be turning up with the raspberry flavoured condom and the fibre glass penis and we remove our children from school that day. It`s called unauthorized absence and shows up on their end of year report.. but.. what price eternity./