Tuesday, March 06, 2007

IVF Discussion

Last night I attended a lecture on Bioethics at which two of us made presentations, I on JJC Smart a notorious Utilitarian and someone else on John Finnis. It was this second presentation that inspired me to create this post.

In the article that was being presented Finnis makes an argument against In Vitro Fertilisation based on the judgement of Caiaphas on Christ, 'Is it not better that one inncoent man be put to death than the whole people perish?' His argument is, 'Does the creation of one life and the happpiness brought to a family justify the destruction of many lives?'

Interesting isn't it? Of course the answer is a resounding no, but to say that today makes one a bad person because one is clearly against the happiness of the family.

What do you think?

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