Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Modern day Holocaust

MORE THAN SIX MILLION BABIES have been legally murdered since Parliament passed the 1967 Abortion Law. The number of innocent children brutally murdered in the UK under the guise of freedom and choice is: 206,000 EACH YEAR!

In some cases this is right up to birth.

Dear readers these are the figures for the United Kingdom ALONE. There are many countries were this evil deed is committed on a daily basis.


People are RIGHTLY horrified at the horrific and brutal murder of six million people during the Holocaust.

But what about the brutal yet legal murder of children who have never seen the light of day? Children who have never taken a breath?

In years to come future generations will look back in absolute DISGUST at what this generation has done to its unborn. We who think we are so civilised will be openly mocked for our barbaric and backward treatment of those innocent people in the womb.

Future generations will look back and say: Those who murdered and permitted the murder of innocent children, were they human like us?

Let's not kid ourselves: Abortion is a brutal evil that robs the innocent of life.

Perhaps we should have a day each year to mark the Holocaust of Abortion.
Please understand that I believe in keeping the current Holocaust Memorial Day.
To kill a person because they are Jewish or for whatever reason is a hideous deed.

BUT the same also applies for the unborn.

I'd like to end by refering to an article I read in one of the Catholic papers last weekend. I can't remember her name but it was an article of a girl (now a young woman) who survived an abortion. She now campaigns for the rights of the unborn.

Something that she said really struck me. She said that when she was born in the abortion clinic, after they attempted to poison her in her mother's womb with salt, there was "no feminist there" shouting for her rights.

That just goes to show how flawed and pathetic are the arguments of the Pro "choice" pro- abortion lobby.

Friends let us pray that this constant slaughter of babies in our "civilised" world will end and that those who commit such an evil deed will receive the light of grace and conversion.

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antonia said...

Yes, it is horrific.

1 in 3 pregnancies in the entire world end in an abortion.

How shocking is that?

1/3 of people conceived are killed before they are even born

God Bless