Monday, July 02, 2007

What has happened to the Redemptorists?

Check out Nova et Vetera for a post on Reality Magazine. I also had a copy come through the Presbytery door this week (well alright the Parish Priest did but he's away at the moment and I'm doing all his work so I'll open his post). Flicking through it - I daren't read it, it might affect me in some horrific way - titles of stories jump out at me such as:

Goodbye to all that: Why young Catholics are leaving the church and how the church is fighting back. Well, we'll leave the double use of the word 'church' with lower case c's for now and simply ask, are young Catholics leaving the Church? Everywhere I go I see young people, the Church is getting younger and younger with each passing year. Young men are filling the seminaries again, monasteries and convents (where they wear the veil of course) are getting younger vocations. Perhaps the young people are leaving Fr Moloney's (or Gerard as he'd rather be addressed) parish because he's not giving them what they're looking for - good, solid, orthodox teaching.

Shackled by clericalism: The Catholic Church has become so dependent on the ordained ministry that lay people have been largely sidelined. Well two things Fr Flannery, sorry, Tony, why are you a priest if you have a problem with the ordained ministry? And, of course the Church is dependent on the ordained ministry, we can't receive the Sacraments without it and we can't obtain Salvation without the Sacraments!

And the best of them all ...

Let's get in touch with God's feminine side: To use only male imagery to describe God, as the church does, is to devalue women, who are just as much God's creation as men. This doesn't even merit comment!


Anonymous said...

You are funny, but wonderfully orthodox. Let us pray for more 'young Fogeys'. :)

RomanCatholic Deacon said...

Modernism has taken over in many of these old "Orders", even the Franciscans! I remember watching a baptism at St. Francis church in New York, the Priest allowed the father of the child to baptize the baby while he watched. A total scandal which had to be corrected by the Cardinal of NY. I used to subscribe to the Liguorian Magazine but had to stop reading it because it was constantly printing error and even heresy! May the Lord raise up Saints today to combat those in error! May you be one of these Saints! I'm 70 and tired of it all!
Roman Deacon

Ma Beck said...

Am I the only one who sees the irony in that magazine being titled, "Reality"?
Those people wouldn't know reality if it punched them in the face.
WHY is ANYONE subscribing to that rag?