Tuesday, July 10, 2007

CofE greater than Christ (apparently)

I was flicking through the channels while waiting for the 9:30 Mass to end so I could set up for the 11:15 and caught a section of 'The Heaven and Earth Show'. On it was a man in a dingy bar with crazy hair and a ring through his nose telling the viewers that churches and traditional liturgies are old fashioned and should have gone out with the ark. We should now be worshipping God in pubs, clubs and on the beach because that's where the people are now. Why should we give up valuable drinking time or surfing time to go to some boring church service when we can do it all where we are? That is why the Archbishop of Canterbury has allowed services to happen in bars and clubs and surf shacks for the evangelisation of the youth.

Yes, and that's also why Anglican churches are empty! The Catholic Press lately has been discussing the use of The Simpsons as a tool for evangelisation - well that's nothing compared to this. The problem with Christianity today is that people are so focussed on Jesus being their best friend that they forget He is God. Thus Protestant denominations think He should work around us rather than the other way around. We should give up drinking time for Him, we should give up our leisure activities for Him, HE IS GOD!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Are you really sure that this sort of entry helps the cuase of Christ ?
It lacks analysis, truth and justice.
Not all Anglican churches are empty, many evangelical and Anglo-Catholic Churches are growing, thats simlpy true
Evangelising the young or the marginalised has a long Catholic history, the lives of the saints show them proclaiming Christ, leading prayer and preaching in places as odd and often odder than pubs and surf shacks.
The Most Holy Second person of the Trinity, incarnated for our salvation was happy to be seen with whores and be accused of being a wine-bibber and order to make known God's radical plan of salvation.
Sure Anglicans have problems, but have you looked, with integrity round the average English Catholic Diocese ? There is a parable about stone throwing.

holyfamoley said...

I agree wholeheartedly that God should be at the very centre of our lives. But I have arrived at that point after having been evangelised.

I would be interested in hearing the approaches to evangelism that you would anticipate adopting, post-ordination.