Monday, July 02, 2007

Pray for me dear

While the Parish Priest is away and we can't get a replacement daily Masses are being said at Nazareth House. The Nuns still wear the veil and the chapel wasn't severely butchered at their re-ordering - in case you were wondering. After Mass I stood holding the door open for the wheelchairs to leave and the lady in the last chair, quite out of the blue, said to me, 'Pray for me dear'. Now, that is quite a responsibility, she didn't know me from Adam and yet something must have moved her to make that request.

Its moments like that which make me realise just what I'm taking on at seminary and what exactly God is asking of me. It was an absolute privilege to pray for that lady this evening and offer up my Rosary for her intentions.

Dear readers, please pray for her too.

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