Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fr Benedict at Balham

Were you there last night? I was, and many of my brothers were too (these are great excusues for reunions).

What am I talking about? Fr Benedict Groeschel CFR was speaking at Holy Ghost, Balham again last night. It was incredible. He spoke on Psychology saying Britain has the highest rate of depression in the world and the most affected part of the British Isles is Ireland (my apologies to the Irish, I know Ireland isn't in Britain but our geography is quite confusing to some). The least affected country in the world is Nigeria. The reason for this? Faith! Britain is a pagan country, we are a Godless society. A society without God can only have the devil for its guide and the devil only brings depression with his lies. It is the truth that sets you free. My favourite quote of the entire evening had to be Fr Benedict's diagnosis of Henry VIII as completely mad.

After Vespers and Benediction led by Fr Stephen Langridge I took the opportunity to purchase some of Fr Benedict's wares, his new book 'The Virtue Driven Life', his booklet 'You are not Alone: Prayers in Dark Times' and his tape 'A Reason to Believe'.

Please keep Fr Benedict in your prayers, he is a very frail old man who has done so much to renew the faith and evangelise the youth. God Bless him!

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Benfan said...

I do not wish to trivialise your piece and I'm sure depression has elements of the demonic but the weather is also quite pivotal. Nigeria is very sunny and one may also say quite pagan/unchristian by Irish and English standards.

Thanks for his work titles, I will make use of them.