Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tough Times: Serious Prayer

Late last night I was speaking with a fellow seminarian and orthfully Catholic blogger. We were talking about the state of the Church and the state of morality in this country and in the world in general. I learnt alot from him about several issues, one of which was the situation with abortion and pro life issues. I won't tell you his story since he is going to share with you something very powerful and interesting. Suffice to say that what he told me last night about what is going on in this country left me very close to tears.

What we need more than ever is a real commitment to Jesus and His mission. That can only come through prayer. These are tough times.
I was in Medjugorje recently with this very seminarian. Whilst accepting the final decision of the Church I have to testify: It changed my life.
Over the past few days I have felt the message of Medjugorje slowly penetrating my soul: Be converted!
I also realised that what I received there, and it's just beginning to show, is an increased desire to pray. I now realise more that prayer is absolutely vital.
The strange thing is that when I was in Medjugorje I felt all lovely and nice. It's only now that the urgency of it all is hitting me right between the eyes: Pray, Pray, Pray! Be converted!

I trust the final decision to the Church. But I will say that I believe Our Lady in Medjugorje is urging us to convert.
This, my second pilgrimage, let that message penetrate more deeply into my heart.

Please look out for the articles that my fellow blogger is going to write. What you will hear is shocking, disturbing, powerful and urgent. These are tough times. As Karl Rahner said: The Catholics of the future will either be mystics or nothing at all.
So just how well am I striving to co-operate with God's grace through prayer?


Pilgrim said...

Aah, Medjugorje! The source of countless conversions, hundreds of vocations to the priesthood, and abundant fruit. The place where pearls are discovered. The gift of grace that lasts forever. A Perpetual Pentecost. And yet some say it is all a lie and persecute the place and its people. “Saul, Saul, I am Jesus. Why are you persecuting me?”

Matt Doyle said...

Aah, Medjugorje! Persecuted by the local bishops in Bosnia-Herzegovina who have jurisdiction! Persecuted by the bishops conference of Yugoslavia!

Persecuted by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith who have affirmed that pilgrimages which infer authenticity to the 'apparitions' are not to be organised on the parish or diocesan level!

Persecuted by the many faithful Catholics who wish to be faithful and supportive of the decision of the church as it stands!

Woe, woe, thrice times woe!