Monday, April 02, 2007

The Most beautiful experience EVER!

I went to Mass at St. Michael's Abbey, Farnborough yesterday morning. It was all done in Novus Ordo. But I must say it was the most beautiful Mass I have ever been to. I was so astounded that I said to one of the monks afterwards that I never knew that the Novus Ordo could be so beautiful! Nothing was spared. Everything was sung. The readings were done in English. The Passion (in English) was sung by the Abbot, deacon and a monk. The rest of the Mass was in Latin. The Roman Canon was used. The only music used was Gregorian chant. The Psalm was Gergorian too. The Abbot was in the most exquisite cope then Chasuble. It was versus Dominum ( you can't celebrate it any other way there!!!)

The Sanctuary was filled with incense. Oh the Glory!!!

I love the Tridentine Mass. I have always lamented that the New Rite seemed to lack "something". I came out of that Abbey Church totally lost for words at the utter BEAUTY of what I had seen. I know what Peter, James and John must have felt on Tabor!

At the end of yesterday I just kept saying to myself "I have been with God today!"

I know that I am repeating myself but yesterday was one of the most beautiful days of my life.

That Mass was what it is meant to be: Heaven on earth.

Please take a look at their website:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that..i used to have the exact same experience, with the Monks in Norcia, (Nursia) ,, they in fact are very similar to Farnborough it seems...except in Norcia, one of the Monks celebrates Tridentine Mass at a side altar in the Basilica for whom ever in the Monastery wishes, between Lauds and Terce.
I hope to visit Farnborough some day as part of my discernment.
did you experience any of the community life?
how many are there?
Pax, E-J

Orthfully Catholic said...

You are welcome! Farnborough is absolutely stunning. I never realised that we had such a wonderful treasure in Britain. They are true liturgists. Simply beautiful. It is the True spirit of Vatican II.

I am hoping to spend some time there in May. As yet I don't know much of their community life by personal experience.

There are roughly 10 monks (give or take)

I spoke to Abbot Cuthbert Brogan and he told me that the monastery was actually built for about five monks. Many people seem sad that there are "only ten". The Abbot is quick to point out that in fact they are doing very well!

They don't have a school or parish.

They have a printing press and farm animals and bees (honey)etc.

They also have an excellent bookshop with 100% orthodox books. No wishy washy nonsense!!!

If you can visit then do. It will be an experience that will totally uplift you.

Have a Happy and Holy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm... lovely!

It reminds me of Pluscarden--there they offfer the Novus Ordo, but in Latin and it's amazing.

I should like to visit Farnborough someday.

Paul said...

Sounds really wonderful. It just goes to show that the Novus Ordo, when done properly (i.e. how V2 intended it to be done) is every bit as spiritually powerful as the Old Rite. I can't help thinking that part of the desire for the Old Rite stems from the fact that it tends, these days, to be celebrated reverently and carefully, in contrast to many NO celebrations. Your experience proves that this is not necessarily so.

Similarly, an Old Rite Mass is not always a spiritually enriching experience on the conscious level. I once went to one where the priest did not know what he was doing, and neither did the servers or MC. The result was shambolic and far from edifying. Of course it was the Mass, and it therefore had an objective value quite apart from my subjective experience of it. Likewise with NO celebrations which leave something to be desired.

My hope is that the coming Motu Proprio will provide the opportunity for more people to experience both rites and that the result will be a sharing of good liturgical practice. If that happens, it may be that experiences such as yours at Farnborough will not be the relative rarities that they are at present.

Ma Beck said...

You just described the Normative Mass at my parish.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!

God bless

CO said...

Wonderful indeed. There is hope!