Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Weekend in Oxford

I spent last weekend in Oxford. And what a beautiful weekend it was. I was visiting a friend who was celebrating his birthday and we attended Mass and Exposition/Benediction at St Aloysius. The liturgies there were as beautiful as one could imagine, it was hard to imagine that it is just an ordinary parish church. Holy Mass on Christ the King was particularly grand, the first Mass in the Ordinary Form I have ever attended with a Deacon and Sub-Deacon. The choir was incredible, the singing of 'Christus Vincit' was remarkable.

My friend and I attended the Ordination of Br Joseph to the Diaconate, which was quite impressive in itself - the Bishop sang the prayer of Ordination. The Litany was gorgeous. We were slightly late (arrived at the homily) and there were no seats so my friend wanted to leave, I convinced him to stay until after the ordination itself - we left after the Credo. Fr Anton told us the next day that there was a grand bun-fight afterwards, which I was sorry to miss as I recognised the Bishop's Deacon and hoped to have a chat with him but the Birthday Boy's needs prevailed. I know he's reading this so I'll say 'Hello' now!

There is so much more to do there, I must go again soon!


friend of a deacon said...

indeed he says hello and aglad you enjoyed the simply noble liturgy...

t'was a privilege to have been there and assisted.
here's to many more oratorian vocations!

Ottaviani said...

What this the Oxford Oratory?