Friday, November 16, 2007

It's been too long

Seminary life is somewhat busy at the moment, essay deadlines are coming up (one every two weeks), its also flu season - ladies if you think your husbands and sons have bad man-flu try living with 30 celibate men with it, you'd think the plague had hit! Thus Orthfully Catholic has been somewhat quiet of late. I shall therefore take this opportunity to try and keep you updated on our activities of late.

Wednesday evening was an absolute delight. The new men wanted to thank the house for helping them to settle in so quickly and accept them as par of the community so easily and so they cooked supper for us all. We had a four course meal consisting of Bruschetta, Smokers Sorbet, Chicken in a Basket and Chocolate Cheesecake. The most wonderful meal I think I have ever had here! We at Orthfully Catholic would like to take this opportunity to thank the cooks for their hard work and delicious meal.

The November festivals were kept with due ceremony of course. All Saints was a marvel, First Class Relics were put on display around the chapel for veneration. Lauds and Mass were celebrated beautifully. On All Souls we all received our indulgence by celebrating Sext in the graveyard followed by prayers for the dead and blessing of the graves. After a major debate among staff and students as to whether or not the Gloria should be removed from the liturgy we had a Requiem Mass for the War Dead on Remembrance Sunday followed by a laying of the wreath at the Memorial Plaque for those Seminarians who died in World War I and their names and ages were read out after the 2 minute silence - all of them were in their early 20's. The Gloria was removed after the organist refused to play it.

I think that is all we have done other than write essays, study hard and try to stay alive during the flu invasion.

God Bless

The Seminarians


Mac McLernon said...

It is unlikely to be flu. You are all suffering from bad colds...

Anonymous said...

I've just Googled "smokers sorbet" and I can't find anything about it: what on Earth is it?!

It's good to hear from you all again, I would just like to add!

gemoftheocean said...

Thanks for the update. Long time no hear from you fellows. It wasn't never fun being sick while away at college, but one nice thing was your suitemates would try and play "mom" for you. [I suppose with guys it's "Brother" for you.]

In our case, the suite mate would kindly haul you hot meals up from the cafeteria and make sure you had plenty of drinks and Kleenex and the like. Must be hard with a whole seminary being hit as if under siege conditions. Do your "brothers" call out for pizza delivery? :-D Hope you are all feeling better soon. Study hard. Pray hard. God Bless you all.


Victoria said...

Re the removal of the Gloria - doesn't the Ordo for the day tell you whether the Gloria is removed or not?