Thursday, August 23, 2007

This week's Catholic papers

There are two stories we would like to draw our attention to in this week's Catholic press.

One is a photo on the back of the Catholic Times of the Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia in Nashville, Tennessee (sorry, can't find picture on net). It is during Mass in a beautiful chapel filled with goodness knows how many fully habited nuns. Beautiful! Will we ever see that in Briatain again?

The other is a story in The Universe, 'Facebook fuels online Catholic evangelisation'. We at Orthfully Catholic have just discovered Facebook and have been deeply impressed by the Catholic community formed on it. Each of the seminarians has his own profile (see if you can find us - there's a prize) and we are thinking about giving the anonymous blog an anonymous profile so you can make us your friend, but we're not sure how tacky that idea is!

Talking about Facebook while on my way to Pluscarden I got reading one of the now many free London papers on the tube to Heathrow and in it saw a story of an unborn child whose parents have given a Facebook profile. I read it and thought 'What a great act for the pro-life cause, I must make him/her a friend when I get back' and now can't remember his/her name. Did anyone else read that story and remember the name?

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