Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Letters to Seminarians

Fr John Boyle has a wonderful post on the report in L'Osservatore Romano about the laity in America writing to Seminarians encouraging them in their vocation. Wouldn't it be a wonderful idea to do that here. Simply find out who is studying for your diocese and what seminary they are in (this information should be in your Diocesan Directory) and write to them.


Mac McLernon said...

I used to write to a friend of mine who was a seminarian at the VEC, but then I persuaded him to change to email...
much more fun!

Fr John Boyle said...

Dear Orthfully

Not all dioceses publicise the names of seminarians in the year book.

I've had a number of positive comments at my original post. If, when you are back from retreat, you want to give further thought to setting it up, let me know.

Have a good retreat.

In Dmno.