Monday, August 06, 2007

How Famous is this Blog?

Two events happened at Woldingham which made us realise just how many people read Orthfully Catholic.

1. The first was upon our arrival when we bumped into an Oscotian and introduced ourselves to him and he asked the inevitable question, 'Which seminary are you at?' No sooner had the answer left our lips than he exclaimed, 'Orthfully!?' I was just about to feign ignorance or just deny it outright when my brother in the Lord confirmed it. By the end of the day we had been introduced to every seminarian and blogger there as 'Orthfully Catholic'.

2. We were informed that Fr Z had a post on 22nd July supporting my parish in our fight for proper Liturgical music. We were amazed that the world's greatest Catholic blogger not only reads our blog but has been inspired by it. That moment was almost as exciting as the moment we discovered Fr John Trigilio reads Orthfully. I would like to thank Fr Z for bringing this to the attention of the orthodox Catholic world, all my readers and his readers for their prayers for the parish. Prayers are very urgently needed for the musical side of the parish especially when we have Masses like Saturday's where the organist thought it would be nice to play 'Panis Angelicum' over the Intercessions until the 'Hail Mary' when it changed into Schubert's 'Ave Maria'. Beautiful music and played on the correct instrument but at completely the wrong moment.


antonia said...

How do people know which Seminary you are at?
I have no idea!

Orthfully Catholic said...

We have no idea how people know. We were taken by surprise when we discovered they all knew. Mind you it was only Seminarians who knew so I guess they just did the Maths.

Fr John Boyle said...

Amazing blog by Fr Z and all those comments. Shows the power of the internet and the responsibility borne by those who use it.

Padre Giovanni said...

Keep up the good work, guys. Holy Mother Church NEEDS good men like you. Persevere and remember, with Pope B16 and Cardinal Arinze helping him at the helm, the enemy is ON THE RUN.

Father John Trigilio