Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pastoral Update

I began my chaplaincy work at the local hospital yesterday. A very scary experience, I walk around the hospital with a badge stating that I am the 'Catholic Chaplain' and go into wards to see the Catholics. Before I received my pass I went with someone else and loved the experience, now I am on my own it is very scary; I am all too aware that the patient doesn't see a man standing before them but the Church, God's personal represeantative and if I say the wrong thing or say nothing at all they won't blame me but tbhe Church.

I also experienced my first emergency call-out on the previous evening. It wasn't the patient I had to deal with on this occasion, as he was unconscious, but the family who were experiencing every emotion God had given them and expressing them i n every way possible.

I have a natural fear of hospitals so it will take me a while to settle into this part of my ministry but with prayers I will conquer that fear.

Every Wednesday I go to the Junior School with the Parish Priest, and today we led an assembly to introduce the children to Exposition and Benediction. Father showed them all the items we use for the Service and went through the Divine Praises and 'O Sacrament most Holy' with them. For the next few Wednesdays the children will come to Mass and put what they learned today into practice afterwards.

Please keep the prayers going, they are very much appreciated.


Andrew said...

Good luck and may God speak his Word through you to comfort His people.

Jackie Parkes said...

I will certainly pray!

gemoftheocean said...

You bet. This is where the rubber meets the road. Now you get to put all the book learning into practical applications. It's very good you are challenging yourself to go out of your own comfort zone. That's what leaders do!

Pastor in Valle said...

I'm sure you will soon settle into hospital ministry. It can be very rewarding.
It alarms me slightly that you were called out, though; surely a priest should have gone if the person was seriously ill. I don't underestimate the usefulness of prayer and counselling, and I'm sure you did very well, but it isn't a substitute for the 3 As: absolution, apostolic pardon and anointing.

Orthfully Catholic said...

Sorry Father, I should have made it clearer. The priest was called out but I have asked him to wake me up/take me whenever he is called out.