Thursday, September 04, 2008

Great Discoveries

I have recently made two amazing discoveries that I would like to share with you all - I'm sure many of you know about them already but I thought I'd share my joy anyway:


I was looking for somewhere to go to Mass in London today and typed Weekday Mass London into Google and this came out. Its genius! A whole website dedicated to advertising weekday Masses throughout the United Kingdom and beyond!

2. Catholics Unplug your Televisions

I was given a copy of their Summer 2008 newsletter today and after reading through it felt the need to join. Its incredible. Based in Powys (Wales), its logo is St Michael bearing down on Satan as he tries to clamber out of a television in order to ruin souls through the 'single most powerful form of media in modern day society.' I cannot recommend it more; this issue begins with 'Ten reasons for protecting your child from television exposure' and gives tips on 'How to wean your family off the TV'.

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Berenike said...

My co-blogger recently departed for religious life used, after a couple of beers, to refer to the telly as "Satan's catflap".