Friday, March 28, 2008

In this week's press

The Times Wednesday March 26 2008, p 41
'Nietzsche's grave under threat from bulldozers'

OK, so he famously declared 'God is Dead' and his philosophy has had major negatiove effects on today's society but surely we cannot condone the razing of his grave and those of his family and the church in which he was baptised and his father was pastor to the ground just for the sake of mining brown coal. Respect for the dead is a universal human attitude no matter what the person was like while they were alive.

The Times Thursday March 27 2008, p43
'Married man who used to be a woman is pregnant with a baby girl'

Who says fatherhood is being made redundant? When it becomes totally unnecessary for men to be present at the conception of a child he will simply carry the child for his infertile wife. This is a report discovered by James Bone proudly printed in The Advocate an American gay magazine. Tracy Lagondino had a sex change and became Thomas Beatie, married Nancy who was rendered infertile by a hysterectomy operation 8 years ago so, still having 'his' womb and ovaries Thomas inseminated himself and became pregnant with triplets. The pregnancy was ectopic and he lost them with his right fallopian tube. He tried again and is now 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. The insemination had to be done at home as they couldn't find a doctor who would help them due to religious reasons. What is the world coming to?

The Universe Sunday March 30 2008, p 15
'Teaching must be aware of the past'

A Mr Paul Crawley wrote to the editor a letter concerning the recent report of Pope Pius XII's visions of the sun dancing as a result of declaring the Assumption of Our Blessed Lady infallible dogma. Mr Crawley suggests that it was actually a vision of Hell as punishment for this declaration because, while Our Lady may have been assumed into Heaven, She was not perpetually virginal. To suggest she was conflicts with Scripture and Early Jewish culture because the Gospels clearly state that Mary and Joseph commenced marital relations after the birth of Christ and for a Jewish couple not to practice such relations would have brought disgrace on them both. Now for a Catholic to believe this and write a letter attempting to correct Catholic dogma to a Catholic newspaper is bad enough but what is the editor of said Catholic newspaper thinking when he prints such letters?


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