Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

As with Parish Priests and their Curates this is a very busy time for Seminarians, especially as this particular Seminary is in house for Holy Week this year.

Therefore Orthfully Catholic would like to apologise for a lack of posting recently. Our intention is to save up all our liturgical news and give one report on Easter Sunday. However, you will not be disappointed, Palm Sunday was a magnificent event and if our Schola rehearsals, chapel cleaning, serving practices etc are anything to go by the Sacred Triduum will be finer than Rome's and Blackfen's put together!

In the meantime we saw this post in the Valle Adurni and became very excited so felt we should share it with you!

God Bless you all and we hope you are having a wonderful Holy Week!


Stephen said...

out of interest are your Sacred Triduum services open to the general public at all?

Orthfully Catholic said...


Indeed they are, in fact some people come to stay at the seminary during the Triduum so they can join us for all the liurgies - including Matins and Lauds.

Mac McLernon said...

Sorry - you might be able to out-do Rome, but never Blackfen!