Monday, January 21, 2008

St Agnes

Father Rector said Mass this morning and gave an incredible homily that had 30 grown men in tears. I won't be able to reproduce it but wanted to give our readers a taste of what he said. Of course he started with the usual Hagiography, explaining who St Agnes was and how she died and then the tradition of the offering of the lambs and their shearing for the Palliums. After that he said St Agnes has so much to teach our world today. A young girl killed for her faith; a child praying, accused of witchcraft, is burned to death. Does the world treat children any better today? Teenage gangs are responible for the death of goodness knows how many children every year. Child soldiers are robbed of their innocence by being made to kill a friend or sister to prove their loyalty and ability to face the national army in guerrilla warfare. Millions of unborn babies are murdered in the womb thoughout the world each year. Children are kidnapped, raped and killed at an alarming rate every day. Our children are in grave danger, the best way for the Devil to destroy innocence is to destroy children. Pray for our children. Teach your children to pray to their Guardian Angels. St Agnes, Pray for us.


Anonymous said...

Watch your Latin !! The plural of 'Pallium' is Pallia

Orthfully Catholic said...

Well done anonymous, you have won the prize!! Come by to collect it sometime!