Monday, January 21, 2008

Seminarians at Sarum College

Yesterday we all went on a field trip to Sarum College. The day began with a panel debate on Eucharistic Theology in various traditions. The college trains ministers for the Anglican Communion and the Methodists and United Reformed Church, therefore a member of staff from each of those traditions represented their theologies and a member of our staff represented the Catholic theology. They each had to answer three questions:

I) What is the Eucharistic theology in your tradition?
II) What does the Eucharist mean to the community in your tradition?
III) What does the Eucharist mean for the world according to your tradition?

Then they answered questions from the floor. It was quite fascinating to hear the range of differing views of Eucharistic theology from its just bread to its more than just bread but its not quite the real presence as a Catholic would understand it. We all felt sorry for the Anglican vicar who had to answer each question from the point of view of each denomination of the Anglican Communion.

After that we all had tea and coffee together and compared training formats with eachother. Then we went and joined in with their Worship, a Service of the Word in the Methodist Tradition planned entirely by a group of Anglicans and one URC. The last song was Lord reign in me sung incredibly slowly, those of us with Youth 2000 roots were desperately trying to speed things up - oh, the irony.

Then we all had lunch together, another opportunity to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of eachother's formation. Then their day was over so as they all went home we popped across the courtyard to hear Evensong in Salisbury Cathedral. It was beautiful, the acoustics were incredible.

After a wander round the Cathedral we went back to the college for Mass in the Anglican chapel.

A great day was had by all and all the Seminarians would like to express our thanks to all those involved in planning the day and look forward the the STETS students coming to us next year.

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