Friday, December 07, 2007

Happy New Year

Well, here we are. All essays have been handed in, the sound of heavy breathing is travelling through the seminary corridors, the word 'Retreat' is being thrown around carelessly everywhere we go - it must be the end of term.

We celebrated the new liturgical year last weekend with First Vespers and a New Year's Party. We had an Open Day at the seminary on Advent Sunday, a very successful occasion, well attended, which ended with a beautiful Advent Service based on Second Vespers and including an incredible 4-part Magnificat, written by the Musical Director while a student here, sung by the Schola.

We are now all incredibly tired and looking forward to our Retreat beginning on Monday evening.

As you may have seen Orthfully Catholic are celebrating the Season with a new picture on the left.

God Bless you all this Advent!

The Seminarians

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