Sunday, December 16, 2007

Congratulations Leon

Every Saturday night over the last term our Seminary has seen a flourishing tradition whereby supper is taken in the common room and we all sit around the Sky+ box and watch X-Factor. Last night was the final and while we were unable to be together to celebrate the occasion we were all in contact throughout the night by text.

One of the brethren was a big fan of Same Difference (Get in) so we all commiserated with him when they were the first to be removed from the competition. It was all down to Leon, the kid who can't sing but managed to ride through on the votes of teenage girls, and Rhydian, the Welsh opera singer who will, we're sure, have a huge career in Opera and the West End.

Eventually Leon won, no surprises there, and as much as none of us wanted him to win he was incredible last night. He's a natural bass, a fantastic crooner, but he actually hit a descant note at one point with no struggle at all.

Orthfully Catholic would like to congratulate Leon and wish him all the best for his future career.


Simon Cowell fan said...

You've obviously run out of things to say, or are drinking to much mulled wine that has deadened your brain cells after an industrious term!

In any case, Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

i haven't the slightest clue as to what the post is about!!???&^%

Tarot Reader said...

I thought seminarians were consumed in prayer and study no matter what's on the 'box'...There is a big box too somewhere in a desert and its giving everybody a very rough time...If you could help to open it, that would be just as cool.

Happy New Year