Friday, September 07, 2007

Wanted: Young Catholic Women

All members of the Post Faith Conference Pro-Life Support Group received a message on Facebook yesterday regarding the Marie Stopes Global Safe Abortion Conference on 23rd October 2007.
We are looking for at least 300 young (aged between 19 and 35) women to go to the conference in protest. The details are as follows:

They are to arrive at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Parliament Sqaure, London by 8:30am dressed smart but trendy (the trendier the better) for a 60-90 minute protest. If you are interested please send your name, number, e-mail and how you heard about it (ie Orthfully Catholic) to and spread the word. Men need not apply but must tell as many young women as poss!!

If you are going you are in our prayers, may God and His Holy Mother be with you!!


Pure Search said...

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Ma Beck said...

Sorry if this is a double post - if so delete this one. I got an error message with the last comment I tried to leave.

I am all for a protest of this event, but...
Why only women ages 19-35? That would very nearly exclude me, and would certainly exclude Mrs. Jackie Parkes and even Mac McLernon, I think.
I would suggest that ALL women should go - and I would certainly bring my 6 month old daughter, too.
It affects her too - she very nearly lost her life to abortion 13 months ago.

Orthfully Catholic said...

Ma Beck

I'm sure women of all ages would be welcome but I believe they are looking for women in that particular age bracket as they are statistically more prone to being pressured into having an abortion.
I apologise if any offence was taken with this post, I am merely passing on the message. Please go and take your daughter, and I hope all our good holy blogging women will be there!

Ma Beck said...

Oh, I didn't take offense - I was just curious!

I wish I could go, but I'm on the wrong side of the pond.
I wish them a HUGE turnout, though.

Super Happy Jen said...

While I am pro-choice, I admire that their looking for women of child-bearing age. I think too often anti-abortion rhetoric is doled out by men (who obviously can never experience having to choose).

leutgeb said...

Men may not have to make that choice, but surely they have every right to show concern for the violence done to the unborn, to women and to all society by abortion.

Surely we want men to care about women and children?