Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Legion of Mary

Someone left a comment on a previous post about the Legion of Mary, which has inspired me to write a bit about them. I had the great privilege of being acting spiritual director to a praesidium for a year. This really helped me to see two things; firstly the amazing fruitfulness of legionary work, and secondly to enter deeply into the spirituality which generates this fruitfulness. The legion does tremendous work for evangelisation - I am convinced that they are key to the New Evangelisation in this country. I want to write more about the legion spirituality, but am a bit too sleepy to do it justice tonight so will keep it for another post...

Please pray for the Canonisation of Frank Duff:

God our Father, You inspired your servant Frank Duff with a profound insight into the mystery of Your Church, the Body of Christ, and of the place of Mary the Mother of Jesus in this mystery.
In his immense desire to share this insight with others and in filial dependence on Mary he formed her Legion to be a sign of her maternal love for the world and a means of enlisting all her children in the Church's evangelising work.
We thank you Father for the graces conferred on him and for the benefits accruing to the Church from his courageous and shining faith. With confidence we beg You that through his intercession you grant the petition we lay before You . ............... We ask too that if it be in accordance with Your will, the holiness of his life may be acknowledged by the Church for the glory of your Name, through Christ Our Lord,

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Anonymous said...

As a member of the Legion of Mary it is heartening to read your words. To be a Spiritual Director in the Legion is greatly appreciated especially when you consider the work is evangelisation. Spiritual Directors are now so thin on the ground that Legionaries write down the words of of any Allocutios given and pass them on to others who do not have a Spiritual Director. Thank you.