Sunday, December 17, 2006

Don't use the 'V' word

A primary school in Lancashire is in the tabloids today (I don't read the tabloids it was brought to my attention by a parishioner) because the Head banned the use of the phrase 'Virgin Mary' in the nativity play as it will offend the Muslims.
This is the final proof that all this 'don't offend the Muslims' stuff is the work of atheistic political correctness because the Muslims can't be offended by the word 'Virgin' due to the fact that Islam is just as dependent on the Virgin birth as Christianity is!
One Catholic MP said, 'Apparently they are afraid of offending Muslims but have offended Christians.' I'm sure you can guess who this is, she is our hero at any time Catholicism and Christianity are publicly slandered!
What with this and the distinct lack of any religious imagery in public this Christmas (The 12 Days of Chav-mas, the shepherds getting high on dope and seeing the angels as a result and 1 in 100 cards having a religious theme to it) the world is going down the pan! My Grandmother's right we should have two days, Christ-Mass on 25th December and Winterval somewhere else!


1dayin7 said...

Well, the usual pointless media story.

You guys are seminarians. Have you read "The Risk of Education" or "At the Origin of the Christian Claim" by Luigi Giussani?

In my opinion, his books are essential reading for priests!

Happy Christmass!

Orthfully Catholic said...

I haven't heard of those. Thanks for the suggestion!
Merry Christmas!

Histor the Wise said...

Graham: Oi think they're troyin' to refer to, pardon me ma'am, virginity as bein' wot unmarried 'uns shud practice, ma'am.
Cleveland: How horrible! Encouraging virginity! I never expected the Spanish Inquisition here in Lancashire!

[Jarring Chord]

Ximinez: NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!...

and so forth.