Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More death

This seems to be a common theme of my placement, and with the darkness coming in thick and fast it is becoming a common theme of my life!

I did two more crematorium services last week and I wanted to share my experiences of one of them with you. It was a small gathering of family members. I was invited to the wake afterwards, I went because it was a privilege to be invited to a family home when they had only met me once for 15 minutes to plan the service. A couple of days later I received a Thank You card in the post.

I was deeply touched by this experience and realised just how important my presence and role is to people. It is experiences like this that make me sure Our Lord is truly calling me to priesthood.

Please continue to keep all Seminarians in your prayers.

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gemoftheocean said...

I'm so glad for you. Think how wonderful it will be for you to be able to offer last rites.

You get to be around at the most important parts of people's lives. What a blessing.