Monday, June 02, 2008

An Extraordinary Weekend

Those of us still at the seminary over the next few weeks are given a Free Weekend every weekend, so those of us who are son inclined go TLM Hunting.

On Saturday I went to London for the CIEL UK Annual Conference. The day began with a beautiful Solemn High Mass for the Titular Feast of the Immaculate Heart in the Basilica said by the Provost. As I used to live in the parish I went to visit a couple of places I haven't seen since entering Seminary. Then in the afternoon I attended the Conference given by Rev Dr Alcuin Reid, a defence against the accusation that Pope Benedict XVI is not a trained liturgist. A marvellous and inspiring talk. The day ended with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament in the Little Oratory.

Yesterday, as there were only three of us in the house we decided to go to Mass at Farnborough Abbey. When we got there we discovered the Abbot was away and were a little disappointed becasue usually on these occasions Mass is said in English. As we were preparing for Mass a young man in cassock and collar was darting about the Santuary and, thinking he was a Seminarian, we began kicking ourselves for not taking ours along. However, as the organ piped up the 'Seminarian' processed in wearing a Gothic green chasuble and maniple - he was a priest. He and the servers bowed to the altar and went over to the Quire for the Asperges. After that he went back to the altar with the servers who knelt down and began the old Confiteor. The three of us gasped with delight as we realised we were about to be treated to Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. The priest turned out to be from the Society of St John visiting from Rome and we thanked him afterwards for Mass and particularly for his beautiful homily on the Introit of the Mass. After Mass we went to the nearest restaurant for a slap up lunch and a celebratory bottle of champagne - I know, the lives we Seminarians lead today!

What an Extraordinary weekend.

God is Good!


Anonymous said...

wondeful, thank-God you live in such a place.I am also joyful to see Seminarians with such Love for Our Lord and Worship in His Church.
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Anonymous said...

speaking of extraordinary here is a 2hours stream of an Extraordinary Missa Cantata, (you need windows media player embedded..