Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Does Our Lady support Liverpool FC?

Last night there were two crucial matches (probably for the Seminarians rather than for the FA) so both televisions were taken up by them. On the terrestrial television was the Liverpool Arsenal match, the most popular of the two. Among the crowd were two students for one diocese each supporting an opposing team. After thirty minutes the Liverpool supporter had to leave in order to spend some time with Our Lord and as he did so he told his Arsenal supporting brother that he would pray a Rosary that Liverpool might win. At the moment of leaving the match was drawn at 1-1.

The match and the Seminarian's Adoration ended simultaneously so he went back to see what the final score was - 4-2!

Is there any better evidence for the power of the Holy Rosary?


Augustine said...

She might support Liverpool, but Jesus supports Newcastle. That's why we're always being crucified!


Ttony said...

Not many Liverpudlians in your seminary ...