Friday, June 29, 2007


Please find below a link to the Catholic News Agency reporting a story in 'Die Welt' concerning the release date of the long awaited Motu Proprio!

As one correspondent said plainly and simply in an e-mail with this link:

'Thanks be to God' or 'Deo Gratias' as we will be able to say again after 7th July!!

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KTOvox said...

HELP ... HELP ... HELP ...

Attack of a catholic comunity in the village of Niafles in France.

The anarchist anti-catholics attack the church before the sunday Mass.

Diffuse this video ... to know what's happend to a catholic comunity who celebrate the Mass of Pie V until 40 years without broching the bound with the local bishop and the Holy Father.

Before the publication of the MOTU PROPRIO of Benedict XVI, many anti-catholic groups try to clean the place before before the publication of Motu Proprio.

HELP ... HELP ... HELP ...